Kyle Scofield

Technology Seed

They have an aggressive software development road map, and whenever they commit to making a feature upgrade, they’ve proven time and again that they will meet their projected deadline. Some other vendors make promises but don’t follow through until years after their original projected deadline. We currently have 3,500 seats being managed by Ninja RMM Software. We project it won’t be much longer until we completely phase out our legacy RMM and manage all of our clients with Ninja RMM Software.

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nero consulting ninjarmm

Anthony Oren

Nero Consulting

My company ultimately decided to go with Ninja because the product offered a lot of automation features for common fixes with an intuitive GUI that was quick for my techs to pick up on and get started right away.

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Jason Danner - Service Delivery Manager


Why did you switch to NinjaRMM?

Because it just works. Its cloud based & easy to use. Compared to competition, it’s really a no-brainer.

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Farrukh C. Mumtaz

Miracle Technologies Inc.

As an MSP for the past 16 years, we’ve used and evaluated more solutions and tools that can be remembered – rarely does an MSP find a solution as absolutely groundbreaking as Ninja RMM. Disruptive pricing model, agile, fast, all-inclusive and easy to use, and a game changer for the bottom line. We have deployed Ninja on all the servers and desktops we support (no matter what contract level they have), it stops little day to day headaches (Checking backups, checking virus definitions, making sure the server has the right resources). Additional to the server side monitoring we have undergone extensive testing on workstation monitoring and the extra features for example the ability to send scripts to multiple devices make day to day management as easy as two clicks. Before Ninja we only monitors critical servers. But now because of Ninja low pricing model we monitor all servers along desktops. And, not paying any thing extra for Remote login software.

arawpc ninja rmm testimonial

David Flores


We went with NinjaRMM due to affordability and their Support staff. Ninja’s support team is top notch and has been there to help me with any issue/question I have had.

Newton Technology Services and NinjaRMM

Mike Newton

Newton Technology Services, LLC

I really like the Ninja interface as it is easy to learn and use. NinjaMSP has already alerted us to disk errors and other problems associated with a few of our servers. In the next few months, we will be rolling out NinjaMSP to over 100 machines. Happy to be a Ninja!

Paco Lebron

ProdigyTeks Computer Repair

Picking NinjaRMM was a no brainer for us. After trying out multiple RMM tools to implement we felt NinjaRMM brought simplicity and power under one house. Due to this it helped us bridge the gap for providing quality protection to both our Residential and Small Business clients.