Minimize Training Time

Lessen the training time needed for your IT technicians to learn another platform. Instead, keep them focused on your customers, not inside your management tool. NinjaRMM is simple and easy to learn. Most of our users can pick it up in under one hour.

Begin your IT Ninja Training

One Click Drill Down and Integrated Search

Easily find your devices and customers with dynamic search functionality.

Search All Customers and Devices with Ease

One Click Remediation

  • Restore and delete Anti-Virus threats.
  • Accept or approve patches on demand.
  • Reset alerts on demand.

Remote Device Administration and Repair

Integrated Device Viewer

Remote monitoring and management of your customers’ computers and networked devices.

  • Detailed reporting
  • Instant alerting
  • Self-healing actions

Detailed Device Reports, Alerts, Auto-Repair

Agent Based

Monitor and manage Windows Servers, PC Workstations and Mac devices with unprecedented visibility.

Deploy Agents for Servers, PCs and Macs with Ease


Remote Monitoring Software (RMM) centralizes and  automates your networked devices with our policy editor.

  • Set up alerts and remediations
  • Apply policies to custom groups and customers.

Remote Monitoring and Policy Automation

Cloud Monitors

Perform external monitoring with our build in network tool

  • Ping
  • HTTP/web based scans
  • DNS monitors
  • Port Scans
  • Even monitor your clients’ email infrastructure!

Monitor Your Customers' Cloud with NinjaRMM