Network Discovery Wizard

Discover new network devices via our integrated wizard. Identify roles, manufacturing vendor and OS information for SNMP monitoring data. Hand-pick credentials required to identify the devices and perform various tests ranging from basic ping scan to actual SNMP scan to determine the device type and role.

Netflow – Network Traffic Functionality

Detect network bottlenecks utilizing network traffic flow technology. Identify top users, domains, conversations and endpoints for troubleshooting purposes. Ninja NMS support NetFlow v5 and v9 and also the variant IPFIX. Analyze flow traffic in different perspectives ranging from the domain visited to the endpoints that are creating maximum traffic.

SNMP Enabled Monitoring

Monitor the common parameters ranging from processor, memory, network adapters, port statuses & SNMP traps. See how your devices are performing and if there are any bottlenecks that need to be addressed.

Configuration Backup Utility

Set up schedules to backup configuration files on your Cisco gear. Options for Running or Startup Configurations. This also allows you to get notified if there is a change in configuration which might be sign of a hack attack.

Syslog Collection

Monitor Syslog data including facilities and severities. This allows you to closely monitors different aspects of your Networking equipment, both from a hardware and software perspective. You can selectively turn on/off different environment variables to be notified via Syslog messages.

Notifications and Alerts

Set up notifications and email/ SMS alerts on anything NinjaNMS will monitor. Proactively resolve issues before your clients know about them. You can also set SLA based notification windows to avoid being notified during non-covered hours. Control the notification preferences for every individual user with just a few clicks.